Friday, January 19, 2007

Rakefisk & Lutefisk

That cord I'm holding there is because my significant half commanded me to do it so she could get an unobstructed view out of the window.

That big thing is a 24" CRT monitor, we watch movies on that one.

The scribbles on the old tower (my gf's machine) are the HDD serial numbers, useful for when the RAID suffers a blown out disk.

I am frying Lutefisk now. Lutefisk is raw fish, cured in caustic soda. I think not many people died, after eating it. Contrary to rakefisk, which I also have, in the fridge. Rakefisk is raw, stinking, rotten fish. At least it often stinks. It doesn't have to, though. People have died after eating it, due to botulin toxin, IIRC.

Norwegians do not like things that taste good. Most like things that have no taste (like their "cheese"), and some like things that taste awful, like their various varieties of rotten fish or insanely putrid cheeses. It is still a criminal offence (three months prison) to import Dutch cheese for example, because there are strict, small import quota to protect the "farmers" (= the richest people in this country, the supermarket monopolists).

Norwegian herring filet is disgusting. They use some crazy chemical or herb to make them all taste the same, a horrid, all-purveying taste of I-don't-know-but-it-seems-like-fermented-battery-acid.

Their pickled cucumbers are similarly inedible. The bread is nice though, very nice. Much better than Dutch "bread", haha. Dutch bread is not bread but dissolvable spunge, hardly suitable to feed the fish.

The food situation here is so precarious (both regarding taste and price), that Norwegians have no other choice than to do their shopping in Sweden. Sweden has high prices and little choice, but compared to Norway it's pure paradise.

I just tried the fried Lutefisk. I tastes like the warm snot from someone who died of drinking a bottle of toilet cleaner.