Sunday, January 21, 2007

Order Flurry

Some say one should never decrease one's price, but new technology is always more expensive for early adopters, and the money is invested into further development so that it becomes suitable for mass-production and -sales.

I lowered Moyo Go's price rather spectacularly, and I got five orders in 48 hours as a result. I rather sell a lot for less, than a little for more. It's market penetration that counts, especially faced with massive cyberwarfare against me in the highly corrupt Go-playing West.

Contrary to rumors, I am far from "going out of business", and feverishly finishing the Publishing module and fixing some bugs here & there.

The free version was a strategic decision - a massive strike against my competitors and simultaneously the very best way to get a foothold in SE Asia. Not coincidentally, I released the freeware version on the same day that the last serious bug in support for CJK languages was fixed. We're talking about a blow to the enemy where it hurts hardest - not a sign of "giving up" :-)

More "terror" strikes on competitors will follow, this was just the aperitif of what's in store for them.