Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Slate & Shell bans Moyo Go at New Jersey Open

I'm trying to sponsor Go events, (any one with at least 30 participants and a link to my site is elligible), and I was amazed at the honest dishonesty of Rick Mott, organizer of the New Jersey Open and member of the Princeton Go Club:

"I am good friends with the developers of MasterGo and I don't think they would take it kindly if I announced sponsorship by Moyo Go..."

Hm. Amazing how corrupt the AGA has become, and amazing how unashamedly they announce their corruption.

Last summer, Rick Mott said that the AGA is not a democracy, and now we know that he's Slate & Shell's puppet dictator of the Princeton Go Club:

(In a previous posting, I have demonstrated how AGA is infiltrated by Slate & Shell, sellers of MasterGo.)

But regional AGA tournament organizers now announce "I am friends with Chuck Robbins of the Slate & Shell company so our tournament can't accept your sponsorship".

Have the players been asked for their opinion? Don't they pay their dues? Does Rick Mott, as an enforcer of Slate & Shell, decide for his fellow tournament participants what they should be able to win, based on who he is friends with?

So - because the tournament organizer has been told by MasterGo not to accept sponsorship from Moyo Go, he effectively steals a copy of Moyo Go Studio from one of his club's players!

Who's the boss at AGA tournaments? The paying AGA members and their trustworthy representatives - or the Slate & Shell company?

Shame on the AGA for allowing Slate & Shell (accused of having stolen Ing funds to start their company) run their business and shame on you, Mr. Mott, for secretly stealing software from your own paying club members, club members that trust in you, that trust that you won't deny them what is rightfully theirs.

Update: Several AGA-tournament/workshop organizers welcomed my sponsorship, so it looks that Rick Mott is not speaking for AGA but for Slate & Shell only.