Saturday, January 06, 2007

Evolution, People and Technology

Something's wrong. Homo Sapiens has a huge neocortex but a hundred years ago, in spite of having walked around for hundreds of thousands of years with that huge cortex, we were still riding horses and believing in ghosts.

This does not compute. I have a hunch that the theories about a cyclic nature of civilization might be true. Perhaps the Mayans were right and every 12,000 years, something bad happens that causes agriculture to be impossible for generations, like the Earth passing though the Oort cloud and a subsequently ensuing "planet-busting" meteorite bombardment - making us hunter-gatherers again.

There's lots of supporting evidence for this theory (which doesn't mean it's right though). And a lot of weird stuff too. The pyramids were not built 4000 years ago, but they are much older, at least 12,000 years. Because the erosion at the base of the Sphinx is caused by thousands of years of downpoor, not wind.

Why does a "crop circle" tell us that there is "not much time left"? Is that message (in ASCII encoded English in the shape of a binary string!) really a hoax? It appeared next to the radio telescope that sent a message of our race to the stars. In a guarded US military area. A huge, pixelated image of a smiling "grey" with a message in a spiral on a disk, so that we would know where to start decoding (in the center of the spiral). Why does the Mayan calender end in 2012? Why do mainstream archeologists lie to us and tell us that people never lived with dinosaurs? (overwhelming fossil evidence for this). Are those enormous patterns in South American deserts similar "grafitti" as crop circles? (those patterns are made by the removal of larger, dark stones from the first 30 cm of the top layer).

Which hoaxers can make a "crop circle" that has almost 800 circles, many larger than a soccer field, of such an intricate design that if any of the team would have made an error, the entire pattern would have been off kilter? Oh - after heavy rain, in half a metre of mud? Appearing in a few hours, during the day? Why don't those hoaxers never perform their art for a paying TV crew? Surely, as there sometimes appeared fifteen huge, complex patterns per day, there must be at least one hoaxer prepared to step forward and present proof of authorship? (the only "hoaxers" who ever claimed they made hundreds of crop cirlces, two British pensioners, were shamefully exposed as having utterly hoaxed their claim of being hoaxers - they weren't able to make even a small, simple circle - it looked like utter crap and it took them ages. One already admitted having lied, the other one is dead now). And if those circles are secret US space weapons tests, why do they do so many tests in populated areas? The Russians will be able to track their space weapon easily, that way. Oh - and why are flight licenses revoked of military pilots who fly over them? And why are farmers offered thousands of GBP by strangers that come out of unmarked military helicopters to erase them immediately? And why do those erased circles sometimes re-appear in an adjacent field, a few hours later? When patterns have a "message", farmers are offered money to erase them ASAP. And why are we not informed about this, but we are told every detail about Paris Hilton's lacking underwear (although I agree that this is an interesting topic).