Sunday, April 29, 2007

Moyo Go's Pattern System in IEEE

A recent IEEE article (in IEEE Intelligent Systems) mentioned Microsoft's "research" "progress" in computer Go, but failed to mention Microsoft's shameless ripoff of Moyo Go Studio's pattern system.

Even though there are more and more wannabe Moyo Go clones popping up (for the record - I must say that these are done by very talented programmers and generally likable human beings) - so far, none of them has duplicated the pattern system.

Sad how those who publish other people's achievements get the credit. I do a few years of work, Microsoft publishes a paper on it to steal the glory. Complaining with the IEEE and doesn't help - they are there to make money, not to investigate the truth. It's easier to have a story on how Microsofts' boffins made a stride in comp. Go, than how some bad-at-math, non-Go-playing dude made a stride in comp. Go, and how Microsoft stole the idea from my website and claimed it was theirs.

I realize (especially with my reputation for being "strange") that this sounds highly paranoid, so here is MS's paper on "their" Go pattern system, in which they mention my name a few times, saying that they were "inspired" by my system, and that they "improved" upon it: PDF

Some people say I am "reading too much" in MS's paper - just STFU, will ya. My records show their R&D campus building in Richmond as one of my first customers - they bought TWO copies, and one of the sentences in their paper goes: "These are the same pattern templates as used by de Groot in his Moyogo System
[7]". And that's just about the templates, they also copied the entire principle, the idea and implementation details. Not that I'm proud - I'm pissed off - especially that some clowns call me "paranoid" about it.