Sunday, January 21, 2007

Darwinism in the Go Software World

My predictions were right:

Intel is working on an 80-core (eighty) CPU and they already have a working prototype.

Let me bitch about SmartGo for a while. When will SmartGo have multithreading? Moyo Go's "Kombilo" (free pattern search) function is multithreaded. SmartGo's isn't. Moyo Go's game import process also is multithreaded. This means that if SmartGo doesn't shape up, it will, in a handful of years, search patterns twentyfive to twohundred times slower than Moyo Go.

SmartGo is following MoyoGo's footsteps in minor things (like export-to-Wiki but it took them a year), but where are the major innovations and technological feats? After having been in business for two decades, one would expect more from them.

I bitch about SmartGo because they're milking my being banned on SL for all it's worth, instead of protesting. On all the spots where Arno deleted mention of my software, SmartGo has now weaselingly added a blurb of their own. My point is, SmartGo needs to do that, because it's all they got. They don't have what it takes to be a technology leader, so they (ex-Microsoft..) have to use power-politics, dirty tricks, demagoguery and "throwing money at problems" instead.

Where would SmartGo have learned that approach ;-)

From the article:

And it needs to change really soon, says Dan Olds, a principal analyst with the Gabriel Consulting Group, Inc. "Every software maker out there -- and this goes not just for business software but for home software, games, everybody -- has got to learn how to program parallel code. They've got to be able to do that to remain competitive. We've got multiple-core chips at the consumer level They better get their butts in gear and make sure they can at least program for quad."