Thursday, January 18, 2007


Just like Skype (the most expensive computer program ever - three point five billion dollar - give or take a few hundred million), Moyo Go Studio is written in Delphi.

I'm pretty well-versed in it, having switched to Delphi from C under Unix 15 years or so ago.

But I think this is only the second time I saw this funny error.

It is the result of me fixing the GDI handle consummation bug in that African - sorry, Indian - library. I should work for that guy - I've fixed just about every single showstopper in that thing.

I fixed that bug so here's Kogo with around 666 pages. (50 MB, the images are compressed to 5 kb each but with around ten thousand of them..). Just to prove it works, not because it's such a beautiful piece. Some problems have been fixed, like the non-uniform stone size. Many like to have their stones the same size :-)

A lot more enhancements are pending, for the publishing module, ASAP. To bring it into the realm of the "Professional Go DTP" world. A small realm indeed.

Speaking of danger, I just fixed my car. And I know nothing of cars. Car engines are like artificial hearts, they have lots of hoses connected to them. Some hoses bring air in, some out, some bring oil in, gasoline and there is even a "vacuum" hose, which pumps the vacuum in. Hehe.

That "vacuum hose" was eaten by a mouse. In fact, there was a mouse nest underneath, with dry leaves and all. No sign of the mouse though. I aquired a hose at the cost of zero NOK due to the generosity of the Saab dealer, ripped out the old one and replaced it.

The only problem was that I ripped out another hose as well. Because it was rotten. Against my will, and with nauseating speed, I was entering a world of pain and anguish. The horror of being forced to become a (very low level) car engine mechanic. I hate smelly hoses, soot and stale oil. And I always cut myself when I fumble around in big contraptions.

That hose turned out to be a "breathing hose" (åndeslange) and there wasn't a living soul in Oslo that carried it. Espacially not the biggest Saab dealer. It had to be oil-resistant, heat-resistant and not fold when bent. And it had to be in stock. I finally found a shop with an over-specced braking hose for trucks, and the price was more than ten times cheaper than the non-fitting hose the Saab dealer sold me. Nowadays they only sell pre-packaged, hyper-costly solutions and they don't have a pile of bits & pieces lying around any more. I hate that, in capitalism. We became our own slaves. Instead of being able to work only 20 hours/week, we have to work double because everything is twice as expensive due to the system we made for ourselves "because what's good for the economy is good for us". Yeah. Trade bans (or call it our "quality standards", LOL ) with developing countries made our food horrendously expensive (and of horrendous quality - blemishless, irradiated, genetically-modified, gigantic fruit & veggies loaded with pesticides and devoid of taste and minerals). Noone is more hopelessly enslaved than he who mistakenly believes he's free.

Boy oh boy. I didn't know that owning a car was so expensive. Last week I ruined the exhaust and had to replace some of it for 4000 NOK. I am now in the minus, because Moyo Go sales are about zero, since Sensei's Library boycotted me and I put up a free version.

But at least I'm slowly becoming able to repair simple things myself.

Anyway. About the stack overflow error. Fixing the GDI handle bug in the Bangladeshi - sorry, Indian - lib caused or surfaced another bug, namely the "disappearance" of handles in random places, like the main menu. When publishing huge documents (more than a few thousand diagrams). But at least it's now possible to publish enormous documents with 10,000 diagrams and a thousand pages. In the paid version on DVD. There is no publishing in the free version. If things go wrong, they go wrong after the fact, and the document has been properly produced. All you'd have to do is restart Moyo Go, but of course I'm on this bug too.