Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Ten Bucks More

I just raised the price of the product by ten USD. The new Fuseki module, albeit not polished yet, warrants it.

Moyo Go has instant Fuseki-search, since today. And it doesn't matter how many games have to be searched. At least on my PC, Moyo Go sports 0.1 second Fuseki search of any position below 40 moves, even when the list of results is hundreds of thousands of games. Moyo Go Studio sets the new standard of no-wait search! (So fuseki matching is on be default).

And.. Next week I'll upload new databases that have Fuseki up to 40 moves. Because, (surprisingly to me as a weak player), there are plenty of games with identical moves all the way up to move #30, and they branch at move 31, etc.

I want to thank the customers who've bought Moyo Go last month, when my website was taken down and Sensei's Library removed my ads. Because - due to Lymerage - I am out of a job and I don't get any benefits. But: Even though I'm not selling much now - I sold thirty copies that month, which pays my rent for a while. These people invested in the new Fuseki module, and I am paying interest by raising the price by ten dollars.

The new Fuseki module will get fancier soon, with statistics on the variations and tooltips with statistics on their annotation. After that I might get around implementing a few dozen smaller features that have been pending for a while.