Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Fuseki Debugged

It's 04:00 AM and I wanted to share this. I found the remaining bug and soon the next auto-update will have an extra tab with a list of all matching Fuseki positions of all enabled databases. This does not take any noticeable time. It's pretty cool to see a list of tens of thousands of matching positions appear and change instantaneously as you move through a position!

The things left to do is re-building all databases. I have changed so many things (added indices etc.) that I want to be able to have the latest versions downloadable before I release the "Fuseki"-update. But the auto-update will be able to build its own Fuseki database very quickly, so there is no urgency in downloading the new databases. It's just that I want to be able to have a "backup" solution just in case something doesn't work.

Rebuilding all databases should be completed in a day, running on 4 Opteron cores. The Fuseki part takes mere minutes, it's the patterns that take so much time.

The other thing is to add "variation statistics" to the Fuseki module. Just a list of matching games and winning percentage/average rank isn't enough, we also want to see the variations and their winning percentage and average rank.

I hope to implement this in the time that the new databases are building.

Shipping of new orders will be delayed until the Fuseki system works (by the weekend, heaven permitting) and existing customers will have to wait until the next auto-update, which will build its own Fuseki database. This update should be ready before Sunday.