Saturday, January 21, 2006

Setup time < 4 minutes! :)

I did it, Moyo Go now installs its hefty 1.8 GB from DVD in less than four minutes (the speed depends on the harddisk, I have a 15,000 RPM SCSI HDD, I don't think there is a faster one but I would be surprised if it would take longer than ten minutes now, on the slowest disks around.

I am uploading new database updates as well - they will install in less than a couple of minutes now! I really had to do something about those outrageous install times because the new Fuseki module required very many new indices, and putting those indices in separate files was disastrous in terms of install speed..

The size of the database updates will be reduced by 10% as well. The system - although very snappy already - seems to search even faster now, perhaps because the system does not have to do a FAT search, every time it needs to do an indexed-based search. It will have cached the sector data of the aggregated index file already.

Another advantage of such a fast installation procedure is the possibility to test every DVD that gets produced.

Updates to Moyo Go will be downwards compatible with the old index format, so it is not neccessary to download new databases (except when the auto-fuseki generation process screws up for some reason).