Sunday, January 22, 2006

AGA denies Moyo Go's existence

AGA review: BiGo Assistant
(Reviewed by Philip Waldron)

"I have always found the most useful programs to be databases that allow me to examine how professionals have played in various situations. The latest program in this category is the BiGo Assistant."

Hm.. BiGo is at least a decade old.. The latest program in this category is MoyoGo Studio! Funny how MoyoGo seems to be such a threat that its very existence has to be denied.. Two people have submitted reviews to AGA, both have been rejected..

"Finding common fuseki and joseki patterns usually takes just a few seconds, but other searches took me a full five minutes."

No wonder AGA refuses to review MoyoGo.. AGA makes money peddling MasterGo, a competitor to both BiGo and MoyoGo Studio.. MoyoGo does not need any noticeable time for any searches..