Saturday, April 08, 2006

Special Deal for AGA Defectors

The anal-retentive Don (as in Corleone) of the AGA's intended replacement for, predictably wielded the sword of censorship at the slightest sign of dissent against the American Go Association.

Although I used polite terms in announcing my Battle Plan, he immediately locked the thread (he hasn't deleted it - yet, perhaps because I emailed him that this would not increase his forum's credibility).

Here's The Plan: I will give away Moyo Go Studio to anyone submitting credible evidence of having terminated their AGA membership for at least the current year and/or the next year. I will only charge for materials and postage, but I expect hundreds of applicants so I can buy stuff in bulk, mail at at reduced rate etc. It will be certainly no more than 9 USD for a DVD, and that includes lifetime updates and lifetime pro games by weekly email.

This is a great deal. Basic AGA membership is only 15 bucks a year, Moyo Go normally costs 69 USD. You make me believe you cancelled your AGA subscription (I need proof of membership and evidence you cancelled it, a CC'ed email with full headers would be fine) and for 9 dollars or less, I have to see how low I can go - details announced soon in the news section at - the program's yours, on DVD, delivered to your door in a padded envelope, by priority air mail.

Anyone who goes the extra mile and not only permanently cancels their AGA membership but submits a formal complaint (either to the AGA or a regulatory body) will receive Moyo Go Studio completely free of charge. This offer is permanent and irrevocable.

Update: Don just announced his plans to "go commercial", to put targeted ads on his site. I have lost my remaining interest in his forum. There are no rules for moderation: Anything can and will be deleted or blocked at the sole discretion of The Don. This is what he wrote me as justification for censoring the thread: "Locking the thread was a subjective call. Was it the right move? I dunno. To borrow an excuse from GW Bush, it was a pre-emptive strike".