Monday, April 03, 2006

AGA Attempting Usenet Takeover?

A web-based wannabe-clone of has appeared on All dissent will be crushed: "Trolls and flames will be deleted". There should be no mistake about the site's allegiance: "A huge thanks goes out to the American Go Association".

The first participant of the forum is no other than
Chuck Robbins, programmer of MasterGo, co-conspirator in AGA's Slate & Shell operation and main reason why Moyo Go has been denied a review in the AGA eJournal.

I wonder why some folks are so desperate for control over others, and how many of the rest is willing to give up their freedom in return for being lulled back to sleep. Those who trade freedom for percieved security (from flames) deserve neither. Not to mention the more cumbersome interface and the impossibility to search for archived postings. Web-based forums are to Usenet what cable TV is to having an antenna on your roof: Slickness at the price of censorship.