Friday, April 07, 2006

AGA Attacks Intensify

AGA stayed true to character: They published a devastating "review" of Moyo Go.

Philip Waldron - an amateur player whom I do not count amongst my customers - strengthens his tradition of throwing mud at Moyo Go by claiming it does not have a Help file - something easily proven to be a deliberate, malicious lie - the Help file is accessible even on my site, and has been, for a long time.

AGA repeatedly refused to publish reviews submitted by several of my customers and instead let Mr. Waldron conjure up a wry, misinformed and heavily biased criticism of an obsolescent version. He neglects powerful features like Pattern search, the Fuseki module and SQL based search, and he distorts (because he does not understand) other unique features like automatic Sensei-Search. (Click a word in the comments and an automatic search on Sensei's Library is done). Mr. Waldron only mentions that "Sensei's Library is accessible". None of MoyoGo's cool features like embedded audio, commentable patterns or the unique instant-pattern example system with the highest pro-prediction rate in existence are touched upon, instead he focuses on the weak points.

The first reaction is already given on my forum by erislover:
"Awesome program, poor review."

Re-reading his "review", it is clear that it is unclear to Mr. Waldron that MoyoGo is an instant pattern search/example system. The entire paradigm is lost to him. He relied only on the "move suggestions" and never mentioned the main strength of the system: Getting instant examples of any pattern around any empty point on the board.

Omitting that from the review makes the entire review worthless. Saying that MoyoGo's biggest strength is its databases is hiding the fact that Moyo Go is the only system that can give instant move diagram examples of all possible moves from real games.

Allegedly corrupt AGA officers, having been punished by the Ing Foundation for their alleged misappropriation of funds to start Slate & Shell, now have to derive more of their income from Slate & Shell revenue. Moyo Go Studio is MasterGo's main competitor, MasterGo being Slate & Shell's
bread & butter. AGA has been penalized by the Ing foundation: Their Ing funding (it used to be 100,000 USD/year) has been terminated because William Cobb (AGA board of Directors) and Gordon Fraser (AGA webmaster) allegedly used Ing money to start their company "Slate and Shell", together with a major competitor of Moyo Go Studio: MasterGo's programmer Chuck Robbins. Slate & Shell and AGA are a tightly knit commercial Siamese twin: Even the AGA's contact page has links to Slate & Shell all over it.

It's time Slate & Shell and AGA get visited by an accountant ;-)