Saturday, April 22, 2006

I18N & L10N

I noticed that SmartGo now has on-the-fly switching of CJK languages.

I hacked up such a system a decade ago. I published some of that code and this is why, when you download GNU gettext from SourceForge, my name appears in the credits. I used RTTI to recursively modify the GUI widget properties that needed translation and an XML file provided context, comments and the translations in UTF-8.

GNU gettext is better so I use that, although my version was able to display CJK correctly on Wintendo (95, 98 & ME). MoyoGo is not supported on platforms that are only partially 32-bit so it's not an issue.

MoyoGo is ready to be translated: I have an external file, I made the program Unicode-compatible (well, some bugs always remain but they will become apparent when a Japanese translation file will be used) so everyone who offered to make a translation for Chinese, Japanese or Korean: Brace yourself :)

Anyone willing & able to translate into a language that is not yet on this list: will get a free copy of Moyo Go Studio.

The reason I waited such a long time was the fact that I kept adding strings - now it's mainly bugfixing and the creation of a "SmartGo/GoTools/MadLab killer": A TsumeGo module that will solve life/death tactics and problems. This will take a long time to develop and while I do that and the program is being translated, I'll fix all those little issues that have been requested and don't require new translations strings, except hints on buttons etc.