Friday, October 13, 2006

That What Not Kills You, Makes You Stronger

At least when we're talking about the various ways my evil enemies try to make my life miserable.

I just suffered a DDOS attack, my webhost called it a "synflood" attack due to the open DNS servers. They were open because they updated their servers and forgot to close them. The attack came mainly from China (from "zombies", hijacked computers). For 24 hours, I could not receive email either.

Now who would be behind this..

Anyway, I have just now denied the entire People's Republic of China access to my website, including this blog. No idea how it works through a proxy server, but if everything went according to how it is intended to work (.htaccess file), China can't see me any more.

If you are in China, and you can read this, drop me a line at, give me your IP range and I'll fix it ;-)

I just have limited the bandwidth of my website to 1 GB/hour, so I won't get any nasty surprises later on.