Friday, October 20, 2006

Killer Moose On The Loose

I wanted to put out the trash but decided to wait until the moose finished eating the cherry tree.

As you can see, those animals (craftily avoiding having to use the plural of moose) are designed to kick the crap out of bears, nerdy programmers and their landlords.

As that moose was nibbling on the apples, my landlord walked up to it and said: "Shoo!". The moose took a little step towards the landlord, and another, and appeared to prepare to start doing what moose have a talent for - breaking your bones. My landlord prevented this by running towards it, yelling intimidatingly. This resulted in the moose wreaking havoc on our neighbors' hedge by running through it. But it returned a little later and I made this picture. It was barely bothered by the flash.

That's my Saab 900 in the back, it got repaired today because it failed the EU test.

We used it in Lapland and once there was a reindeer walking in front of us. (Reindeer are cutesy fluffy animals, especially compared to the plural of moose). Now and then it would turn its head and give us some room to pass - when we wouldn't, it would take the middle of the road again. Sweet.