Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Yet another new website

As you see, the new site looks very different. Nothing much works yet, except the blog and the auto-update system. The site is both registered and hosted in Russia, and yet the downloads will be very fast indeed. I had to change hosting providers twice in ten days so yet again the Forum has to be re-installed, all updates uploaded etc.

Heaven permitting, there will be a major Moyo go update out in a week or so, which will have 40-move deep Fuseki matching and -statistics for all 410,000 games in Moyo Go's databases.
Half of the data has been gathered and is already uploading as database updates, now it's just the quarter of a million CyberKiwon games that are being reprocessed.

I still have to code the Fuseki matching system after the CyberKiwon games have been processed, so all in all it will take about a week. My girlfriend will visit me from Czechia this Thursday (she'll stay over for Xmas) and I have to clean this place up, so it will be a hectic week.