Sunday, December 04, 2005

Moyo Go's auto-update system

Sometimes, being paranoid is just having all the facts. For example. Moyo Go downloads its own updates automaticaly, when enabled. This is done by FTP. In order for FTP to work, there needs to be an FTP account with an FTP adress, username and password.

And let's say I hard-code the FTP address into Moyo Go. For example, the FTP address for my old server was This works, until does not exist any more (you never know with those Weapons of Mass Destruction of the Axis of Evil out there). In fact, no weapons of mass destruction are neccessary to deny my customers automatic updates if I would have hard-coded the update FTP address into Moyo Go. A frivolous Copyright infriction claim will do, when the server is located in that bastion of Freedom, the US of A.

Therefore, I spent considerable effort into designing MoyoGo's automatic update system. Without exaggeration, this update system is so advanced that I could sell it instead of Moyo Go Studio, and I would probably make more money out of it too.

To make a long story short: I have been kicked off the powweb server, and MoyoGo's automatic updates work just fine again.