Tuesday, December 06, 2005

The AGA Strikes Back

The battle Between The Go Software Vendors heats up: AGA is ratcheting up their FUD campaign:

..highly distrustful of running any of his code on my computer," writes Andrew Jackson. "If he has no problems doing unethical things that are legal, who knows what else his code might do?

It seems that the Go software millionaires are not afraid I will install a virus onto their computer. Without naming any names, the authors of the top-three bestselling Go playing programs all own a copy of Moyo Go Studio! One of those colleagues ordered his copy today, a few minutes after the AGA published their latest smear article on me.

PS AGA tacitly admitted that their first article was intended to deny my product sales: "Bad press can be just as good as good press, I think it would have been best to do like everyone else and just keep mum on the issue."

Too late. And I have to go to the postoffice now.