Monday, December 26, 2005

Relativity Theory of Ethics

Some folks have a peculiar sense of ethics. They think that against someone who is in their opinion unethical, any retaliation is permitted, including an unethical one.

A not-to-be-mentioned Austrian thought I was unethical, so he violated my Copyright and the rules of ethics by putting a private letter to him online, and by removing my postings and people who posted in my defence from a public forum. A not-to-be-mentioned German thought I was unethical, so he violated Moyo Go's EULA and put up his copy of Moyo Go for sale (no better than software piracy, as I can't verify that he deletes his own copy and since he never notified me of his EULA violation, why would I trust him?).

Interestingly, the people who shout hardest about ethics, are the ones who are the sneakiest in their attacks. I haven't had a single official complaint about anything I have ever done, but in the War Against Bad Ethics, anything goes. DOS attacks in the form of bogus complaints to my ISP or web provider, backroom conspiracies to deny me a retail channel or a review platform, anything it takes to prevent "unethicalness" in the Go community.

Claiming ownership of those pro games is like the bedouins who forbade me to take people to Bir Swair ("small spring"), the semi-secret oasis. They wanted a piece of the action, even though they were too lazy to take folks there themselves. "It's our desert", they said.