Monday, November 06, 2006

Unicode Font Embedding Solved

I found a wonderful CJK Unicode font that embeds properly with my report generator-code: Bitstream Cyberbit. It's huge (it compresses to 6 MB), but it will be required to produce PDF's that allow mixing of CJK languages, like when you have a Japanese player against a Chinese one and their names are in the original languages (I'm a perfectionist :-)

There is no Go software that I know of that can generate small PDF's that can have any language combinations mixed into them, but before I can do that, I need to licence the Cyberbit font. So I just sent them an email. As I understand it, they want an "access fee" and royalties. It used to be a free download with the Netscape browser. A very esthetically pleasing font!

I read on about a popular SGF printing application (I forgot the name), and someone said that making PDF's was so complicated that he gave up. Perhaps due to the complexity of generating small PDF's with mixed-language text.