Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Enough Food :-)

I had to buy spiked tires yesterday because the car simply doesn't go on ice (I got stuck twice and that's a disaster, you can't even push and chains take too long to put on when there's a queue behind you - I'm not seven sure chains work at all on ice, I thought they're for snow). It was my last cash and I was worried that with all the banter on I would lose sales somehow. I need that car because I suffer from a kind of "chronic fatigue syndrome". One of the symptoms of chronic Lyme neuroborreliosis. When I walk uphill, it's like I can get a heart attack any moment.

And I live here:

Last winter, I walked from my job back to my old rental bedsit downtown and I collapsed in Slottsparken and sat in a slump in the mud for 20 minutes. Sad, because I used to be very sportive and used to do a quarter marathon occasionally on Sunday mornings, do 3 km power-swims in the Gulf of Aquaba, lift weights, be a divemaster etc. I am a total wreck now. The nearest shop is 2.5 km. I try to get as much excercise as I can muster though. I had to sell my bicycles (I have done several trips of a few thousand clicks, every day 120 - 140 km, on hybrid bikes with luggage. One of the coolest ones was Czechia - Egypt - Sweden, which took several months). I have written an unpublished book about my travels. The manuscript is lost.

Turns out I did not have to worry about dinner - I sold 9 copies so far. This November is poised to be just as good as it was last year!

I am always so short on cash that I pay my rent much earlier than I should because I am always worried I won't have the money to pay it when it's due. Go programming certainly isn't a way to get rich (except perhaps when you licence a strong engine to Japan, something I hope to do, one day. I have unconventional ideas on how to use automatic learning to get a very strong positional evaluator.