Thursday, February 09, 2006

I make Windows™ Software!

Just like a BMW dealer is in the business of providing services to BMW owners, I provide services to Windows™ licencees. Just like Lada or Škoda owners don't complain to a BMW dealer that their BMW headlights don't fit to their Lada's or Škoda's, Mac or Linux users should not complain to me that my software does not run on their machines.

I don't whine to Mac or Linux software developers that their stuff doesn't run on my machine either. It is my choice to run Windows™, and anyone who wants to run Linux or the Mac OS-du-jour is free to do so. I could have told you in advance that you were going to run into serious compatibility problems.

Politically incorrect enough already, I will refrain from elaborating but please stay out of my hair when you're a Mac or Linux user. I want to have nothing to do with either platform/OS. I run a Windows™ shop, and I have more than enough work catering for my Windows™ customers/users.