Saturday, February 04, 2006

Critical Mass Synergy

Amazing what some of my customers do to help improve MoyGo.

Jean-Pierre Vesinet is transliterating Korean, Chinese and Japanese players' names so I can let MoyoGo convert them to romanized equivalents at the import stage.

I already converted many Korean names in the Pro database that way, and the upcoming update will have auto-romanization (when not disabled).

Young H. Rhie sent me one and a half thousand okigo (handicap) games between pros and amateurs. I tweaked the SGF parser somewhat and reverse-engineered some non-standard SGF properties to extract the pro ranks and the date.

So, thanks to Young H. Rhie, MoyoGo now offers 43,175 Pro games, which is 7,000 more than for ex. SmartGo offers. (Pro games being defined by having at least one pro).

Alexandre Dinerchtein should receive kudo's as well, for publicizing a list of pro-aliases used on IGS. I haven't even counted those. MoyoGo translates pro aliases on IGS to their real names, so if I count those, MoyoGo has at least 44,000 pro games.