Wednesday, February 08, 2006

The Avalanche Effect

Li Ang (3p) and Li Yue (6d) of have generously donated their entire private game collection!

This altruism should benefit the Go community, so I have been writing some code that adds the handicap property when needed and a few other things that standardize the data. The player's names are in Simplified Chinese, but Moyo Go displays that just fine when you enable it in Windows, and Jean-Pierre Vesinet is working on an auto-romanization database for the CJK languages. I am building a new pro collection in which the Simplified Chinese is converted to UTF-8 (Unicode), so all SGF readers that support that will be able to display the names correctly. As an aside: I intend to make a free SGF Editor available Real Soon Now™.

In about a day or two I expect to be able to make available for download the new collection, which might end up with well over 43,000 pro games :)