Monday, October 03, 2005

Moyo Go, The Movie

I've just made an off-the-cuff demo in which I convey the cool capabilities of my creation. The movie comes as a humongous 175 MB EXE, made with Camtasia. The reason it's an EXE is to avoid the need to install their CODEC.

The (20 minute or so) audio/screen recording presentation gives a fair general impression, although the docking system's guiding widgets don't appear because Camtasia can't handle "overlays". And MoyoGo's (annotation/splitting) cursors are replaced by a stock Camtasia hand cursor instead. And I had to keep the window small, though MoyoGo likes to have as much screen real estate as possible. But you'll get the idea.

Smaller movies that give a good impression of certain features are here.

There are a few slips of the tongue and you''ll notice that I suffer from absentmindedness, but hey, I'm a hacker, not a Hollywood director :)

The movie.