Thursday, October 20, 2005

Bug movie

Some of my customers are geniusses. Adrian Petrescu is one.

Today I received a movie of a bug in Moyo Go, made with the trial version of Camtasia.

"It's easier to show you the bug this way", he said. Awesome idea. Of course there is nothing better than a bug report where you see the stuff go wrong, and hear the customer exclaim: "See? It's a bug!.."

(Well, I just have to guess for the moment because the movie was in Flash format, and I make a point of uninstalling Flash as soon as Windoze is installed. You wouldn't believe the tranquility of the browsing experience w/o Flash and with pictures set to "do not animate" (Mozilla has that option). Whenever I look at other's browsers I have to suppress an epileptic seizure.

Update: I can watch the movie now because Adrian made an AVI version and I am starting to think that I should give priority to bug reports that come on video :) A picture is worth a thousand words but a video outperforms that by yet again a few orders of magnitude :)