Saturday, December 23, 2006

Libel on Sensei's Library: The Smoking Gun

It's now 16:00 and this has been published by Arno on his site for the past half hour. I have been banned and can't edit/add anything to defend myself against the libel. Arno said he would ban the use of "Moyo Go Studio" and Frank de Groot" but a German criminal (I did a check on the IP address) found a way around this and wrote the following allegations:


From the timestamps of the postings it can be seen that Arno did not remove the libel for many hours (even though he had been present on his website at that time because he deleted threads, made postings, banned IP addresses etc.).

All people that posted in the thread are witnesses to the libel. Many people can testify they have seen it.

Arno said that if I defend myself against libel on his site, he will ban me, which he has, now. He libelled me on his site, he refused to delete the libel, he made it impossible for anyone to remove the libel, he made it impossible for me to defend myself against the libel, and he publicly stated that he does not like me as a person.

Damages 50,000 Euro according to Austrian Media/libel law, as soon as I find a specialized attorney in Austria to handle this case (preferably in Graz), his ass is toast. He continually escalated the problem to a more serious level and he never did anything to limit the damage, on the contrary.