Wednesday, December 27, 2006

I am Mike Leahy II

Do a Google Groups search for "Mike Leahy" and what appears in the first results is a litany on how he would be a spammer, selling email adresses of his customers to third parties and engaging in "fraudulent criminal activity". He is called a liar, a "low life form" and his software is called "bogus". Search result 9 calls him a "shitass, bastard and motherfucker" and search result 10 warns the reader not to buy his "garbage software". Search result 13 states he is a "known liar and a thief" and search result 14 says "Mike Leahy runs a childporn site".

Guess what business Mike Leahy is in?

Mike Leahy sells Chess software written in Delphi with a large database of pro games, and the strong side of his software is a pattern expert system.

I kid you not.

Oh - they also called him a jerk, delusional and a "gay cock sucker".

I see a pattern.

Why the attacks on him? Same reasons as the attacks on me?

Considering where the attacks are coming from in both cases, it's clear. Both Chess and Go have their "old boys network" and their "elitist grand masters" and the Powers That Be simply don't tolerate newcomers with a very low ranking successfully selling software to study their game. Because it hurts their ego's. A nobody making money on study software??!!

If you read more search results, you'll find he's accused of being a "warez" dealer as well. And directions are given on where to find pirated versions of his software.

Do people now understand why I have always fought back against the David Windsors of this world, and why the battle is just beginning?

My website is loosely based on his layout (, a year ago. I know Mike Leahy longer than today. I knew what he went through, and why. I knew it would happen to me as well, and how bad it was going to be if I did not defend tooth & nail. Hence my declaration of asymmetric warfare using any means I deem necessary. I'm not paranoid - I just know the facts. Leahy suffered worse problems than I did. Vit Brunner organized a clickfraud campaign, but Leahy was accused of running a child pornography ring. Difference between Frank and Mike? We are both very nice guys, but Mike stays nice when attacked. I don't. First I defend, but when a magical point is crossed I retaliate and that isn't pretty. So far, I have not yet engaged in counter-attacks.

Oh - where have I read this one before: "databases that he illegally distributes behind the back of the legal copyright owner".

Leahy says the attacks only make him richer (he has tens of thousands of paying customers!) -many people never heard of his software until someone attacks him. I have the same experience, but I defend nevertheless because I'm touchy.

Everything they tried with Leahy they also tried with me. An envious scriptkiddie put on a Chess Wiki as story entitled "A complete Explanation of the Bookup Backsolving Flaw". Bram Vandenbon did that to me too ("The MoyoGo bug"). They got a grandmaster to "review" his software and say it's "not relevant". AGA did that by hiring Philip Waldron to do that to me too.

They libelled him, accusing him of all kinds of nefarious things on newsgroups and Chess Servers. Bram Vandenbon and David Windsor did that to me too. They accused him of stealing "Copyrighted" games, SmartGo and GoGoD did that to me too.

Leahy remains good-humored about it, we both know that those things increase sales because normal people do not believe anything they read but visit the product's website first, where they see dozens of verifyable endorsements, but contrary to Leahy I'm a bit touchy when it's about my reputation. Censorship, as Arno Hollosi now does on Sensei's Library, will of course hurt my sales, but then again, a lawsuit against him for repeatedly publishing aggravated libel about me will make me more money than I earn on my software in a year.