Saturday, February 10, 2007

Japanese XP Installation Blues

I am the proud owner of no less than four SE Asian OSes. And I never, ever managed, over the past half decade, to install a single one of them, using a virtual machine (VMWare).

What does this screen say? What should I press? F3 gives a red countdown progress bar with another message, followed by a black screen and the inability to re-install.

The only way to repeat the process is to create a new VM.

I am trying different VM's, but so far, no luck.
Parallel Workstation doesn't work on x64, and Microsoft's Virtual PC does not even download. Instead it tries to save a "DownloadDetails.aspx" to my machine. That's using Mozilla. When using IE, I get the error: "This site may be experiencing problems".

Problems indeed. When I click "Help", this happens: