Friday, December 22, 2006

Mammals Are Our Brothers

What's the defining, most important difference between mammals and other animals?

They give living birth and their offspring drinks their milk? Nope.

Mammals are the only creatures on Earth that have a neo-Cortex. I read that in "On Intelligence" by Jeff Hawkins. Interesting book by interesting guy, that gave me ideas for the next stage of Moyo Go Studio: A Go-playing engine. A neo-Cortex allows us to store memories and make predictions based on those memories. And it makes us self-aware.

I had to think of the way a bedoine told me dromedares kill their abusive minders, often months after the abuse took place. They either lay themselves on top of their minder at night - suffocating him, or they bite him on the top of the skull with their deeply penetrating, long teeth, killing him by massive brain hemmorage/-damage and trauma to the skull.

In order to be able to commit such an act of premeditated murder, a dromedare has to make several predictions with its neo-Cortex:

1. The abuse might go on when the abuser remains alive,

2. The abuser needs to breathe air, else he dies,

3. If I lie on top of him, he won't get any air.

I conclude:

A. Every mammal has its own unique character, they are able to suffer emotionally just like we are, and that therefore they are our Brothers.

B. Dromedares are ugly and look stupid but they are big and scary motherfuckers.