Thursday, June 08, 2006

SmartGo FUD Countermeasure

I'm constantly amazed at how low people can stoop when they find themselves like a rat in a corner.

Take SmartGo. Moyo Go Studio, rising star, leading as it is in Go software R&D and the most innovative Go software on the market, implemented a "Kombilo" pattern search not so long ago. MoyoGo was the first, and managed to best Kombilo's search speed and -accuracy. Search speed partially bested due to multi-threadedness and accuracy bested due to not using a hashing scheme.

As usual, Anders Kierulf of SmartGo dropped whatever he was doing and tried implementing the same feature. He succeeded, but without the powerful analysis graphics and browsable example diagrams that MoyoGo has. The greatest flaw in SmartGo's free-pattern search however is its slowness. True to Microsoftian traditions (Kierulf used to work for them), he ressorts to FUD instead of going back to the drawing board: On his site he claims that Moyo Go's search feature sucks. He tried to cast in into a non-libellous, seemingly "objective" form, but it's clear whom he is targetting because there is only one commercial competitor to SmartGo that offers this feature, and it's made by yours truly.

I could simply feel pity for Anders that he is obviously unable to code something that can compete with MoyoGo's search functionality, but I don't. I don't because spreading fear, uncertainty and doubt about a competitor simply is a rather lowlife approach to being a software developer. I found a simple countermeasure to his baloney: I copied his FUD story, changed a few words and put it on my site, targeting him. Only, I was not afraid to name SmartGo by name, because the perfect defence in a libel suit is the truth :)